Quick Ways to Kill a Hornet in the Home

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No matter how much you like hosting, no one enjoys a hornet in the home. That is because once a hornet has gotten inside of your house, it often buzzes around frustrated and angry, and puts you at risk of stings. Yet trying to kill the hornet safely can be difficult.

Keep in mind that a hornet inside of the home is often a sign that you have a nest somewhere near your home, so if you see a hornet you may need to call Green Pest Solutions to make sure you don’t struggle with future hornet problems. Nevertheless, you still need to get rid of that one hornet. Here are some strategies that work.

Hornet Killing Strategies

  • Toxic Spray – The easiest solution is to simply use a wasp killing spray available in most grocery stores. They’re not everyone’s favorite because the spray is very poisonous, and some people leave the house after they spray to avoid breathing in the chemicals. Nevertheless, it is an effective option.
  • Windex – Another chemical option – although one that is much less toxic to humans and available all around the home – is Windex. Windex is very effective for killing most types of bugs inside of the home. It’s a bit less effective on Wasps for some reason, but many will die and those that do not will be slowed enough that you can easily trap them or slap them.
  • Hair Spray – If you are comfortable getting near a wasp to kill it/trap it, you can also try hair spray. Hair spray covers a Wasp’s wings making flying impossible so that you can kill the wasp or trap it easily. Some hair sprays will kill the wasp on their own.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Of course, you can also simply try to smack it with a newspaper while covering your hand with a glove. Wasps are not very fast. Similarly, you can open a window and push the wasp out near the window, or try to shoot a rubber band and kill the wasp from a safe distance.

Remember, one wasp is also means a nest is present. When you’re ready to eliminate the wasps on your property, give Green Pest Solutions a call today.

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