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The cost of professional bed bug control relies on many factors which include the level of infestation, the amount of rooms affected, the size of the home, furniture to be treated as well as method of control.

When it comes to pest control, prevention is everything. You don’t want to wait until you have a pest problem to solve it. You want to make sure that you’re preventing pests from ever entering your home by taking precautions both inside and outside.

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While homeowners may not look forward to the winter heating bills, the winter does represent some relief from pests. Rodents tend to be a problem, but many other pests die out over the winter, hiding their eggs so that their DNA can live on. But not all Insects die. Some live on, finding places to hide or hibernate and waiting until the weather warms up. The following are some examples of scurrying creatures that survive the winter.

Many people want to remove pests on their own, and while do-it-yourself pest control isn’t always as powerful as professional services, there are several household chemicals and strategies that may help you exterminate pests that have entered your home.

As soon as you start to notice insects swarming around your home, it’s not uncommon to go to your local hardware store and seek out a bug zapper. Bug zappers are outdoor machines that attract insects and zap them with low amount of electricity, thus decreasing the insect population around your home and cutting down on the number of pests that may invade your property.

Goodwill employees sort through thousands of clothing donations every day and sometimes discover unwanted donations of bed bugs.

Silverfish are hardy little pests that most of us have had the misfortune to come across at some point or another. Their signature silvery grey color, along with their scaly bodies and fish-like appearance of their movements has earned them their name.