Green Pest Solutions – Bed Bugs

Bed bugs enter homes from other infested areas by hitchhiking on clothes, bags, and personal items, as well as used and new furniture. Read here to find out more about how they make themselves at home in mattresses, wall cracks, furniture, and floors.

Want to fight off pests without harming your family and pets with dangerous chemicals? Learn here about using diatomaceous earth as an insecticide. This non-toxic powder kills insects on contact to safely reduce infestations in your home and garden.

While it’s still cold out, many pests – especially mosquitoes and other biting pests – tend to die out or hibernate. Unfortunately, there are still many pests that like to invade in winter, and it’s important that you take the necessary steps to stay safe.

All hotels and all motels can be at risk for bed bugs, because cleanliness has almost nothing to do with bed bug exposure. So make sure you’re keeping to these strategies in order to remain free of bed bugs all year.

Pests will come back once the weather warms up again, but if you correctly prepare for preventing pests in the new year, you’ll be able to decrease the number of pests you endure in 2016.

Because fall means that many pests try to find refuge indoors, pest control efforts often focus there – sealing up holes and laying any necessary traps to prevent these pests from taking up residence inside of your home. Most of the problematic summer/outdoor pests die off, but those that are seeking out warmth and shelter will do anything they can to enter your home, and so making sure they cannot find those entrances become crucial.

One of the issues that makes identifying bites difficult is that, in general, most bite reactions are the same. The bumps you get from bites isn’t some specific reaction caused by a type of toxin. They are allergic reactions, and so any bite that causes an allergic reaction is going to cause a similar bump. However, there are a few ways to tell some bites apart, and while it’s not an exact science, you can potentially tell bites apart by these symptoms.