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Do Centipedes Have 100 legs?

Do Centipedes Have 100 legs?

And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Are centipedes misunderstood or as creepy as they sound? See if these frequently asked questions help you decide! 

When you think of centipedes, you probably imagine the creepy bug scurrying across your floor. Should you fear more than their appearance? Find out.

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A Centipede is an insect that is both frightening visually and frightening practically. It’s not enough that the centipede is perhaps one of the creepiest looking insects on the planet – they also tend to hide out in shaded, damp corners, which means that most homeowners only come across centipedes by surprise in showers, basements, and anywhere else they can stay hidden. No one wants to come face to face with a centipede, let alone when they’re at their most vulnerable. So ideally, you need to make sure that your home is prepared before the centipedes could invade, thus reducing the number of invasions and making pest control easier.

There are many household pests that you may be familiar with, but you may not know some of these strange but true facts about them.