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Do Ticks Jump?

Do Ticks Jump?

How do they get on you?

Ticks are clever pests, detecting breath, body odor, heat and more to find their next meal. How do they get on their next victim?

Ticks vs Bed Bugs: Your Guide

Ticks vs Bed Bugs: Your Guide

How to Tell the Difference

Before you can figure out how to handle a little pest that's causing stress, you need to identify it. Find out the difference between ticks and bed bugs.

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September is back to school month, and that means that you’re sending your kids back to a place where they will spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, from now until roughly the end of June. While school is a great place to learn, it’s not necessarily the best place to stay safe from pests. The following is some helpful information that you may want to use to go over with your child before they start the school year.

If you’re like most people on the East Coast, most of your summer is spent outdoors, out on the barbecue, cooking up some delicious meats and corn. It’s also a great time to be bothered by some of Pennsylvania’s most irritating barbecue pests. There are some pests that are notorious for bothering you at the barbecue, and unless you solve the issue, they can make it hard to host a fun event.

Of all of the diseases you can catch from house pests, one of the most problematic is Lyme disease. This bacterial based disease can cause permanent neurological damage if left untreated, including mental health problems and pains. The best way to avoid the dangers of Lyme disease is by avoiding ticks. The following are several strategies to stay safe from ticks and Lyme disease this year.

Pests can be scary. But despite these fears, the pest you may need to fear most is one you almost never see, that is usually no bigger than a pencil eraser and rarely steps foot inside of your home. That pest is a tick, and more specifically, the deer tick.

When it comes to pest problems, it’s not your family that is most at risk. It’s often your pets. That is because pets have no way of avoiding pests the way humans do, nor are they able to tell humans accurately when they are suffering from pest related issues. That’s why keeping your pets safe should be one of your top priorities. The following are several tips for ensuring our pets stay safe all summer.

Now that temperatures have dropped and we're seeing 40's - 50's across the board this week, it's time to finally release this year's top five fall and winter pests in the mid-Atlantic states!