Evidence of Termites

Winged termites

When it comes to termite control, the sooner you identify the problem the better. Do you notice any evidence of termites?

Evidence of Termites

Wings: Discovering discarded wings left by swarmers is one of the clearest signs you have a termite problem on your hands. Be on the lookout for something that looks like piles of fish scales.

Mud tubes: These tubes have a distinct appearance that sometimes “climbs up” areas outside of your home. The tubes are used as tunnels for the termites to go between their nest and food source.

Floor damage: Floor damage is a common and threatening sign. You might find loose tiles, floorboards that are warping or squeaking, and laminated floors that are buckling. Many people are surprised to learn this damage is from the additional moisture that’s introduced with a termite invasion.

Frass: Better known as termite waste. Just like any other pest in your home, termites leave excrement wherever they go. They resemble piles of pepper.

Wall damage: Walls will because discolored, start to droop, or small holes will appear. You also might find paint starts to bubble or peel because of the moisture levels.

Wood damage: As the food choice for termites, wood damage is an obvious indicator of a problem. Knock on the wood, and if it sounds hollow, it might be because of termite damage. It can also crumble or look damaged for no apparent reason.

Do You See Any Signs?

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Guide to Termites

Guide to Termites

Protect your home from the devastation that termites can cause by knowing how to identify them, warning signs of their presence, and steps to prevent an infestation.