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If you've ever experienced an ant invasion, you know annoying they can be. No matter what you do, the ants keep coming back, and in some cases they swarm thousands upon thousands at a time all around your kitchen and bathroom. Stepping on a few won’t matter, and removing the foods they’re swarming will rarely make a difference. You need a way to kill as many ants as possible in order to get them off of your property.

Why Do Ants Suddenly Appear?

Why Do Ants Suddenly Appear?

3 Common Reasons For An Ant Invasion

Does it feel like ants invaded your home overnight? Learn why ants suddenly appear in your home and what you can do about it.

Cockroach control in Pennsylvania is practically an art form. These invasive pests can grow very problematic, very quickly, and as the saying goes: once you see one cockroach inside your home, there are hundreds more that you haven’t yet seen.

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Cockroaches are a stressful home pest. Cockroaches are abundant in Pennsylvania and a common home invader. They eat your food, they surprise your family, and they carry oils that can lead to significant allergies and problems for those with asthma.

A Centipede is an insect that is both frightening visually and frightening practically. It’s not enough that the centipede is perhaps one of the creepiest looking insects on the planet – they also tend to hide out in shaded, damp corners, which means that most homeowners only come across centipedes by surprise in showers, basements, and anywhere else they can stay hidden. No one wants to come face to face with a centipede, let alone when they’re at their most vulnerable. So ideally, you need to make sure that your home is prepared before the centipedes could invade, thus reducing the number of invasions and making pest control easier.

House crickets are large, chirping insects that occasionally enter your home. Like a dripping faucet, the issue with house crickets isn’t necessarily that they cause much damage or pose a health risk. While they can destroy fabrics and carpets, the real issue is that crickets are noisy, and if you can’t find one of these crickets it’s not uncommon to find yourself wide awake all night as you seek it out.

If you or someone you know is aggravated by arachnids, it probably seems as though they make an extra effort to appear wherever you look—in your bed, your shower, under your furniture and in every dark corner of your home. Getting rid of spiders can be as simple as making your home an uncomfortable place for spiders to live in the first place, which may be easier to do than you would imagine.

On the surface, stink bugs are a relatively innocuous pest. They do not bite, they do not swarm, and they do not have an appearance that strikes fear in others. They’re a simple little insect that looks as gentle as it is. But stink bugs also have a horrendous odor – and that odor can make them a nuisance. Stink bugs release this odor when they are afraid, and the odor is even more pronounced when they are killed.

Flea infestations vary in severity. Some homes have only a few fleas that are difficult to find and easy to remove. Others have fleas that seem to come in swarms, causing you to wake up every morning with bites all over your or your pets bodies. The little fleas often simply die off on their own, and a little bit of flea medication on your pet is often enough to get rid of them. But what about severe flea infestations?

This blog entry will look at three common misconceptions about how pets with fleas should be treated, and discuss the correct courses of action you can take instead in caring for your flea-infested pet.