Green Pest Solutions – Infestations

Termites can often do an incredible amount of damage before you notice them in your home. The following are some warning signs to look out for.

If you are constantly hearing scampering, scratching or gnawing sounds with no visible source, noticing places where your home appears to have been chewed on and finding pellets in dark corners, chances are that you have a rodent infestation.

What was once considered an archaic and primitive pest is now back in action! In fact, according to the infamous “Most Bedbug-Infested City” report ran by Terminex, the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia) ranked number one in 2012.

Goodwill employees sort through thousands of clothing donations every day and sometimes discover unwanted donations of bed bugs.

It's the holiday season and that means traveling. Whether it’s to your mother-in-law’s or a hotel there is one thing you will probably forget to check for when you’re settled in—BED BUGS.