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Of all of the diseases you can catch from house pests, one of the most problematic is Lyme disease. This bacterial based disease can cause permanent neurological damage if left untreated, including mental health problems and pains. The best way to avoid the dangers of Lyme disease is by avoiding ticks. The following are several strategies to stay safe from ticks and Lyme disease this year.

Pests can be scary. But despite these fears, the pest you may need to fear most is one you almost never see, that is usually no bigger than a pencil eraser and rarely steps foot inside of your home. That pest is a tick, and more specifically, the deer tick.

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As a pet owner, you know it is important to provide your pet with regular exercise, a nutritious diet and lots of love and affection. But you also have a responsibility to protect your pet from health risks, such as those posed by pests. Ticks and fleas can make your pets – and you – sick and can lead to infestations in your home.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a warning for all people working and recreating in the outdoors that tick season will be starting much earlier and could be much worse than in previous years.

About 75 percent of all reported Lyme disease cases are acquired from ticks picked up during activities in backyards and around the home, according to the CDC website. Another pest-spread illness, West Nile virus, is transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes.