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While spring and summer are the months most associated with pest problems, it’s fall that tends to have some of the absolute worst pest issues.

May is Asthma and Allergy awareness month. Sponsored by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, this month is dedicated to the spreading awareness about problems with allergies and prevention/protection strategies for those that suffer from them.

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When it comes to pest problems, it’s not your family that is most at risk. It’s often your pets. That is because pets have no way of avoiding pests the way humans do, nor are they able to tell humans accurately when they are suffering from pest related issues. That’s why keeping your pets safe should be one of your top priorities. The following are several tips for ensuring our pets stay safe all summer.

Rats are a common winter pest problem. Many homes in and around Pennsylvania get invaded by rats every winter as they break onto your property looking for warmth. Rats are a problematic pest that carry disease, destroy property, and are otherwise pretty icky, which is why it’s important to call Green Pest Solutions quickly to handle your rat problem.

When you see a rat in your home, it’s a good idea to try to avoid their bite. Some rats carry diseases and it’s important that you stay away from rats as best you can to avoid any risk of serious infection.

Some pests remain active during the winter and will happily come into your home where they can stay cozy. The following are places you will almost certainly encounter pests during the winter.

If you are constantly hearing scampering, scratching or gnawing sounds with no visible source, noticing places where your home appears to have been chewed on and finding pellets in dark corners, chances are that you have a rodent infestation.