Green Pest Solutions – Winter

While it’s still cold out, many pests – especially mosquitoes and other biting pests – tend to die out or hibernate. Unfortunately, there are still many pests that like to invade in winter, and it’s important that you take the necessary steps to stay safe.

While homeowners may not look forward to the winter heating bills, the winter does represent some relief from pests. Rodents tend to be a problem, but many other pests die out over the winter, hiding their eggs so that their DNA can live on. But not all Insects die. Some live on, finding places to hide or hibernate and waiting until the weather warms up. The following are some examples of scurrying creatures that survive the winter.

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Rats are a common winter pest problem. Many homes in and around Pennsylvania get invaded by rats every winter as they break onto your property looking for warmth. Rats are a problematic pest that carry disease, destroy property, and are otherwise pretty icky, which is why it’s important to call Green Pest Solutions quickly to handle your rat problem.

Not all pests disappear once winter hits, and not all homes are going to be pest free. There are still several pest issues that could affect you in winter.

Everyone fears spiders, and that fear is probably unfair. Very few spiders bite humans, most that do only produce a reaction similar to a mosquito bite, and even the most venomous spiders rarely cause any life threatening disease. The exception is the black widow spider – one of the only spiders that can cause a bite that can be fatal. Every year, hundreds of people are bitten by black widows and most need medical attention to avoid more serious complications.