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Does Vinegar Kill Spiders

Does Vinegar Kill Spiders

And Other Options for Eliminating This Pest

Spiders are outdoor creatures, but they sometimes find their way into your home. Read now to learn about a natural way to get rid of unwanted spiders by using a common household item—vinegar.

If you or someone you know is aggravated by arachnids, it probably seems as though they make an extra effort to appear wherever you look—in your bed, your shower, under your furniture and in every dark corner of your home. Getting rid of spiders can be as simple as making your home an uncomfortable place for spiders to live in the first place, which may be easier to do than you would imagine.

They are considered a venomous spider, but they are not aggressive. However this doesn't mean that they should not be considered dangerous, they will bite freely if provoked.

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