Kudzu Bugs? New Pest on U.S Shores.

Kudzu Bug

Conditions are ideal for … crickets, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, mites, aphids …

The warm winter across much of the U.S. enabled many insects to survive, and the hot, dry summer following that is enabling them to thrive. While insects that prefer moist conditions aren’t doing quite as well this summer, farmers, gardeners, and homeowners are having plenty to contend with in dealing with those that prefer the heat and drought.

And, as if there weren’t already enough such insects causing problems across the States, the kudzu bug was recently introduced from Asia and is quickly spreading from its Atlanta-area origination into surrounding states, and continuing to move.

While university researchers are diligently seeking effective methods of control, the kudzu bug is continuing to chew it way from kudzu to soybeans to wisteria, and even working its way to the shelter of homes when temperatures start to fall.

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