Why Do Mice Squeak?

And Other Typical Behaviors

How to Keep Mice Away From Your Bed

Mice are considered noisy pests, and hearing new sounds in your home might be the first sign you are dealing with this rodent. Ask children what noise a mouse makes, and they’ll be right when they say, “Squeak!” Why do mice squeak? Learn this and other common behaviors that point to a rodent problem.

Why Do Mice Squeak?

Mice squeak as a way to speak with other mice and reveal emotion. Consider it their own little language. Mice are nocturnal, so if you hear squeaking most often at night, you are probably listening to mice talk to each other, meaning you have more than one around. Otherwise, it might squeak when it is started by a predator like you or your cat.

Common Behaviors for Mice

  • Scurrying: What’s that sound within the walls? It’ might be mice running from room to room! They tend to follow a consistent path (likely between their next and food source), so the noise might be limited between your living room and office.
  • Nest: You’ll find mice nests in warm areas like burrowed into wall insulation. They tend to nest close to their food source, so they generally stick within a 30-foot radius.
  • Droppings: Mouse droppings tiny at about 1/4″. They leave plenty of poop behind, and the ends are pointed rather than rounded like other rodents.
  • Visibility: Mice are small and fast, and generally fearful of humans, so you’re not likely to see them.
  • Visual clues: You might find small holes in your belongings, especially human or pet food bags.

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