Green Pest Solutions – DIY

Stink bugs tend to enter Pennsylvania homes seeking warmth during the colder months. They may also accidentally find your way outside of your home while flying towards a light or hopping on your pet. Once they enter your home it can be difficult to avoid the odor, because these insects release odor when they’re afraid and your home can be a frightening place.

Many people want to remove pests on their own, and while do-it-yourself pest control isn’t always as powerful as professional services, there are several household chemicals and strategies that may help you exterminate pests that have entered your home.

It’s stressful when pests get into your food, because usually you are in the process of cooking before you discover it. The best strategy will always be prevention, because unless you keep insects away from your home it is difficult to guarantee you can keep them out of your food. But with the above tips, you should be able to see a significant decrease in the number of ants, flies, and other pests that tend to invade cabinets and ruin both your meals and your appetites.

DIY Anti-Roach Potions

DIY Anti-Roach Potions

Though cockroaches are notably difficult pests to exterminate yourself, the following anti-cockroach solutions that you can mix up at home may help you at least to cut down on their numbers, and potentially drive them away completely.

Nowadays, homeowners are apprehensive when it comes to chemicals being used in-and-outside their homes. Now, more than ever, we are seeing families protecting their homes, children and pets from harmful chemicals. Here are 10 natural ways to make your home pest and insect-free!

Nowadays, people strive to keep pesticides out of their homes to keep their family and pets safe. For certain insects and pests there are some “Do It Yourself” remedies to combat these nuisances.

Pests present serious hazards to a home’s integrity and the health and safety of those inside. While a DIY homeowner may feel confident in his pest control abilities, hiring a local exterminator or a local pest control company is very advantageous.