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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Rats

Rats are a common winter pest problem. Many homes in and around Pennsylvania get invaded by rats every winter as they break onto your property looking for warmth. Rats are a problematic pest that carry disease, destroy property, and are otherwise pretty icky, which is why it’s important to call Green Pest Solutions quickly to handle your rat problem.

Weird Rat Facts

Rats can be awful pests. But they’re also interesting in their own way. For those looking to learn a bit more about these invasive pests, the following are three things you probably didn’t know about rats:

  • Rats Are Surprisingly Clean – Rats carry and spread disease, urinate everywhere, and can ruin your food. But as far as their outsides go, rats are actually very clean. They spend more time than dogs and cats grooming themselves, and take their smell and scent very seriously. You probably shouldn’t handle a rat without training, but hand washing if you do touch a rat’s fur is often enough to get clean.
  • You Eat Rat Poop – Rats eat and poop constantly. According to some experts, they eat 1/5th of the world’s food supply, and that is a lot of food that has to eventually become waste. Because of the significant amount of waste caused by rats, the FDA allows some amount of rodent feces in your food, as well as anywhere between 1 to 22 rodent hairs per 100 grams.
  • Rats are Incestuous – Rats care not for what’s taboo and what isn’t. Female rats with mate with sons, fathers, and brothers if it will help them bear more young. That is why it is possible for only one pregnant female rat to create an entire colony, and why killing one rat may not stop colony growth.

If you wanted your daily dose of nightmares, it should also be noted that, while rare, a very dirty sewage system can cause rats to crawl up into your home through your toilet.

Rats are everywhere. When they’re outside you may never have to see them or think about them, but when they’re inside of your home you should make sure you remove them quickly and prevent them from coming back. Call Green Pest Solutions today to learn more about rat extermination in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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