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Bed Bug Treatment Services


Nobody wants to live with bed bugs—itchy, unsightly, and disruptive, these pests can turn your peaceful home into a nightmare.

That’s why with Green Pest Solutions, you can reclaim a bug-free living space.

Our certified bed bug exterminators will ensure that your home receives safe, effective service.

We use proven treatment methods to target bed bugs where they live and breed.

With our expertise, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected by the best in the pest control industry.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be difficult to identify. They range in size from a fraction of an inch to about the size of an apple seed. Since it’s unlikely you see them with the naked eye, you might spot the following signs that indicate an infestation:

  • Small red spots on sheets (bed bug excrement)
  • Molted skin in your bedding
  • Musty odor in the room
  • Itchy rash or bump from bed bug bites

Residential Bed Bug Control that Works

  1. Free Consultation: Contact us for a free assessment of your situation. Our bed bug specialist will evaluate your issue, discuss your concerns and design a customized plan to eradicate your bed bug problem.
  2. Treatment: Green Pest Solutions uses eco-friendly methods to eliminate bed bugs. Our treatment is safe for you, your family, and your pets. It’s also highly effective against these persistent pests.
  3. Follow-Up Care: Our service doesn’t end with a one-time treatment. We have ongoing relationships with our clients. We provide follow-up services and support to guarantee your home stays free from bed bugs.

Benefits of our Bed Bug Treatment

  • Healthier Living: Bed bug infestations can lead to skin irritations, allergies, and disrupted sleep. Our treatments protect your health and well-being.
  • Peace of mind: Experience a better quality of life, knowing your home is free from unwanted pests.
  • Protection of your home and belongings: Preserve your furniture, bedding, and clothing from bed bug contamination and damage.
  • Professional and customized plan: Our team of experts create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your situation, ensuring a successful eradication of bed bugs.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We guarantee your satisfaction with our bed bug treatments.

Real Results from Our Customers:

5 ⭐ Review 👉 “Hate to admit that I had bed bugs! But 2 years later and they are still gone. Thank you green pest Solutions!!” – Michele

5 ⭐ Review 👉 “My home was treated in 14 day interval for bed bugs three times. I was educated on how preventive measures on keeping them at bay. I followed all recommendations and so far, my home has been free of the pests…” – M.G.

Common Bed Bug Questions

How Did they Get Here?

Bed bugs often come into a home via secondhand articles and furniture. They may also migrate between homes via wires, plumbing, or rain gutters.

Do they spread?

Bed Bugs prefer stationary hiding spots. They can spread if their hiding spot gets moved from house to house, or from hotel to home.

Where do bed bugs live and hide?

About three quarters of bed bugs stay near where people sleep. The other quarter of them hide in cracks and crevices around the room, in furniture joints and baseboards. Clutter offers more places for the bugs to hide. It also makes it more difficult to find and eliminate them.

What can bed bugs do to me?

Bed bugs live off of blood, usually human blood. They also feed on the blood of mice, so make sure you get rid of rodents as well. The feeding itself does not cause pain. Victims may experience an itchy rash or bumps in response to the bites. Some never get any visible bumps.

For the most part, negative effects of bed bugs are mental more than physical. They can cause their victims and their households legitimate stress and insomnia. Nonetheless, those itchy bites can’t be ignored either. Bed bugs are not vectors of serious disease. But if you can’t stop scratching the bites, you risk a secondary infection.

How long do bed bugs live?

The lifespan of a bed bug can vary depending on its species and how many blood meals it can find. The bugs are known to live at least 6 to 12 months.

Can heat kills bed bugs?

Bed bugs can survive a wide range of temperatures. But a combination of heat and drying has proven effective at killing them.

Studies have shown that all stages of life are killed by seven minutes of exposure to a heat of 115 °F. Other studies have found that bed bug eggs were only be destroyed after 90 minutes of exposure to 118 °F. Running affected clothes through a regular dryer on high heat for an hour can sometimes work to kill the bugs.

How long can they survive in fabric?

Bedbugs can live on sheets, in a pile of laundry, really anywhere. They can survive two to three months in your clothing and fabrics without a blood meal. They can live up to a year or more with access to blood.

How often do bed bugs reproduce and how many babies do they have?

After a blood feed, a female bedbug lays one to seven eggs per day. In a lifetime of 12 months, she can lay some 500 eggs, so the problem can get out of control quickly.

What if I’m not sure I have Bed Bugs?

A thorough inspection by a professional bed bug exterminator can confirm if you have an actual bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Resources

We also Offer Commercial Bed Bug Services

Are you a Philadelphia landlord looking to comply with Title 9-4802, Bed Bugs and Property Inspection, or Title PM-310, Bed Bug Elimination? Our commercial bed bug team has solutions to rid your properties of bed bugs and get into compliance.

Ready to Take Action?

If you suspect bed bugs in your PA, NJ or DE home, contact Green Pest Solutions for a free evaluation. We have the expertise and resources to quickly identify and eliminate your bed bug problem. Our bed bug specialist will provide effective treatment options that get rid of bed bugs fast. Get in touch today!

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