Local People Love Green Pest Solutions

John T.

“Excellent! Company reps were very friendly, helpful, and answered any questions I had. Very prompt and professional service. Would definitely recommend their services.”

Rhea B.

“Great and personable service person that helped me with our bug issues in the fall and with having a dog, I would prefer to have the house treated with not too harsh chemicals. So far so good with no pests, and hope to use the company in the future. I've already used them again for my rental property!”

Shayna S.

“They were very friendly, very prompt, and professional. I had a couple of pest problems that I wanted the guy to check out. He was knowledgeable. Overall, it was a good experience. I definitely will use them again for something in the spring time.”

Daniel S.

“Green Pest Solutions come out a couple of times a year and spray for different pest in our back yard. They check for termites in the basement. They are very professional, on time, and I like their work.”

Edward P.

“Very pleasant experience.”

Mary Anne D.

“Customer services is the best. Very professional, thorough in spraying and came on time and did a wonderful job. Tech was very professional.”

Ida B.

“Dennis was very knowledgeable. He found an opening the siding outside of the house where the ants were entering. He put down three sticky boards in the basement and they would have to wait until the spring to do a more extensive treatment. He also checks for other pest and thankfully I did not have any. It went very well and I will continue to use their services. He was on time and got right to work once I explained what was going on. I just bought a puppy and glad to know that the products they use would not harm her.”

Robert B.

“They were very prompt and sprayed outside and inside. We have not seen a spider or cricket since.”

Andrew G.

“Very professional.”

Kate G.

“We had seen a lot of spiders so we had them address that issue. They sprayed around the foundation of the house, outside. The person who performed the services was prompt and very nice.”

Mark C.

“Service was for interior and exterior spray. Punctual and cost effective, will continue to use their services in the future. Perfect, in and out in 30 minutes. No hassle, upfront and competitive.”

Brian G.

“They checked the subfloor in the basement for termites and sprayed around the perimeter of the house. They scheduled an appointment and showed up on time. Overall I'm happy with the service.”

Linda S.

“He sprayed a line of non-toxic insect repellent around the perimeter of my house to help keep out spiders and other crawly things. Seems to have worked like a charm - we had very few uninvited guests this fall. He also gave me an instant estimate on Termite treatment for my shed which was in line with other estimates I had received. He arrived on time, thoroughly explained what he would be doing and what else he could do for other issues I had. Very good experience.”

Laura G.

“I was so impressed with the representative I ordered an annual pest control package, at a cost below what I had been paying another company for similar services. So far, so good! I will also be trying the landscape services offered by this company.”

Charlotte M.

“Service provider showed up on time. First time using a pest control, so I didn't know what to expect. Dennis was informative, and explained what was going to be done. Very happy so far with services performed. Very well. Dennis showed up on time. Friendly. Offered his number for follow up or questions.”

Judith S.

“Wow, really nice experience with this company. The representative showed up on time. He was extremely pleasant and explained what work he would be doing. When I asked what he would be using for pest control, he was able to explain that it was people and pet friendly. He asked me if I had any specific bugs or pests that I wanted eradicated. I mentioned that I had earwigs around my garden and that I needed help with them. He also explained about other treatments available to eradicate grubs. After the representative sprayed the outside perimeter of my home, he placed 3 sticky traps that were effective for both insects and rodents, 2 in my garage and 1 in my attic. He explained and left information about other services available, yet it did not sound like a sales pitch. I was very happy with the work performed.”

Janet L.

“Did routine pest control exterior. Was prompt and very courteous. Did evaluation inside and saw no issues. Will be calling this company annually for inspection and preventative treatment.”

Kathleen F.

“Excellent promptness, responsive and reasonably priced”

Rosanna H.

“I was very pleased with the service provided and appreciated the fact that Dennis provided me with estimates for services that I might need in the future. He was on time and extremely professional. I would definitely use their services in the future.”

John B.

“Checked the property and treated for known pests. Provided the opportunity to continue service in the future. It was done to our complete satisfaction.”

Ellen C.

“I was tired of seeing "house centipedes" IN MY HOUSE. Green Pest Solutions left messages a few times about scheduling the service call, but I waited a few weeks because I was trying to get some other work done outside first. When I did call, the appointment was scheduled promptly, and the tech, Dennis, arrived on time. He was also super nice and professional. ”

Veena A.

“Very professional and answered all of our questions.”

Kevin W.

“The person who showed was on time, friendly, and knowledgeable. I previously had termite "control" with T******* and was very unhappy with the high cost for the service provided. This person from Green Pest Solutions did a very thorough inspection and located an active termite colony in a tree stump near the property. He also confirmed that mice were getting into my attic. I have since signed up for their termite and pest control programs and been happy with the results so far. Numerous termite bait traps were installed to monitor activity, something that the large termite company never did and at a much cheaper price. They also are taking care of the mice problem in a manner that is safe for the pets in my house. I highly recommend this company.”

Elizabeth C.

“They were terrific! Initially, they contacted me to make the appointment, which I really appreciated. They took the time to explain everything thoroughly and was great to work with overall.”

Carolyn K.

“Excellent professional service provided! No more ants or spiders for us!!! Everything went well from start to finish. Service was performed on time!”

Christopher S.

“Great deal and very professional service. Appointment was set up quickly and Adam (General Manager) came and carried out the inspection and treatment. He was well presented, courteous and knowledgeable. I got the impression that he and his colleagues were passionate on what they did and very customer focused. He completed the work and then went over service agreements that the company offered but there was no hard sell. Told me to contact him later if I decided to go ahead with further work. Overall, very happy with the service and I would recommend to family and friends :)”

Michale H.

“Provided an expert inspection of my house and the yard, and provided an insect barrier around the house. Also gave me tips on eliminating the stink bug problem we may be in for this fall. ”

Ann B.

“Service was excellent. Representative was great about explaining what he was doing, why and how. Gave me good information about the critters he spotted. Warned us about some damaged wood around the garage that we had not even noticed, and threw in some advice about the hornet nest hanging from a branch of a borough tree over our driveway.”

Jason F.

“Company was on time, professional and completed work in a timely fashion. Gave detailed estimate of additional recommendations based on inspection.”

Rebecca B.

“After two to three months of this I contacted Green Pest Solutions via Angie's List on a Saturday. After exchanging some emails on Sunday and talking with them on Monday, they came to the house on Tuesday AM for an estimate. On their estimate, they went to the attic and found a ton of locations that the mouse was obviously living, and on examining the exterior of the house, they found the hold the mouse had entered from. No one from the other company ever went up to the attic. I don't know Pest Control. . . that is why I pay for this. Dennis from Green Pest Solutions figured this out in 5 minutes from walking in. I have signed up with the Green Pest Solutions, who are coming back next week to do a full treatment. When our Termite contract is up in April that too will be moved. Their prices are EXTREMELY competitive (actually a few bucks cheaper then the company I had been using), and with a 7 year old running around the house, knowing that they are more environmentally friendly is a good feeling too.”

Michael S.

“The Company’s service dispatcher called me within minutes. I was impressed with their punctuality both in this sense and in showing up on time at our home when promised. They did what they said they would do. They also gave us a quote for a termite control service without high-pressure sales tactics, something I always appreciate. I would (and will) definitely use them again.”

Cynthia F.

“They made an appointment within a day and the general manager came out to the house. He performed the treatment and evaluated the situation within the house. We've just moved in, and we were appreciative of his evaluation. In addition, he outlined a service package that is available for treating the house on a periodic basis which I think I will purchase as it seems like a very good price. He was very personable and has had experience with both Terminix and Orkin.”

Shirley O.

“Very good job. Thorough and knowledgeable and will utilize their services again.”

Maria M.

“I took advantage of a perimeter spray since I've noticed a few ants in the kitchen lately. I called to schedule my appointment and was met with a very friendly Karen who promptly got me on the schedule for the next day. My appointment was for 12-2 and Dennis arrived around 1 pm. He was very professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He explained the service and then we went straight to my basement to look for termites. Well, I don't have termites, but boy was I surprised when Dennis found evidence of a mouse!! I have round holes in my insulation, a nest in the corner and a few droppings. He was like a detective on a mission!! Only two months ago I had Terminex out to my house. They didn't notice any of this (which, in their defense, may not have been there at the time. They never responded to my request for an estimate which is why I was still in need of service and found Green Pest). Well, it gets better. I told Dennis I had noticed lots of bee activity over the summer as well. He found an underground yellow jacket nest right next to my front door! No wonder I got stung 3 times! Also, he located the ant hills outside and found the entrance holes for the mice. Needless to say, I signed up for treatment and a 1 year service plan. They will be out in a few days and now I will have peace of mind. Thank you Angie's List for helping me find Green Pest. They are my local pest detective. ”

Larry E.

“Better service than Orkin with a price that is extremely reasonable when compared to market.”