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Green Pest Solutions offers comprehensive ant control, treatment and prevention services for homeowners in:

Our experts have the knowledge to identify different ant species. They are well-versed in their behaviors and biology. This enables them to create effective strategies for ant control.

Our professional technicians work with residential customers to provide long-term solutions that help protect homes from infestations. We conduct thorough inspections and treatments. This helps us identify potential entry points or attractants that might be causing the ant problem. We use targeted treatments to exterminate existing populations while also helping prevent future infestations.

How our Ant Control & Treatment Works

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property. We use this information to identify the type of ants. We can also discover entry points and attractants that may be causing the problem.

Additionally, we can locate areas that require treatment. We will then apply targeted treatments to exterminate existing infestations while also helping to prevent future problems.

We offer both one-time and ongoing services for ant extermination and prevention. Our technicians are experienced and have the latest tools and techniques. They can safely and effectively handle ant problems in homes in the tri-state region.

Real Results from Our Customers:

5 ⭐ Review 👉 “We have not seen any ants since they have been treating our home.” – George

5 ⭐ Review 👉 “They identified the problem , treated the problem. Solved the problem we had with carpenter ants. I recommend Green Pest Solutions next time you need some help.” – Jerry

What Types of Ants Do We Treat?

Common ant species found in our service area include carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants. It is important to have professional technicians properly identify the ant problem before starting treatment. This is because each ant problem requires a different approach.

Pavement Ants

  • The pavement ant is an introduced, soil nesting species.
  • The workers vary in size (2.5–4 mm long) and color (dark brown to black).
  • Swarmers or reproductive ants are winged, about twice the size of the workers.

Control of foraging pavement ant workers can be accomplished through the use of ant bait. The workers carry the baited material back to the nest and exterminate the colony. Ant bait is placed in areas where activity has been observed and are placed where children and pets cannot reach them.

Carpenter Ants

Homeowners should watch for ants that are foraging indoors and try to find their nests. You will find wood debris in cracks in the siding, behind moldings, in the basement and attic, and under porches.

Odorous House Ants

  • After heavy rains, they are likely to enter homes and business establishments through vents, window sills, and doors.
  • Often mistaken for Carpenter Ants
  • Typically found in kitchens, they are tiny (1/8 inch long) and fast

To exterminate odorous house ants, the use of baits is most effective. It is important to utilize bait stations that are specifically designed for this purpose as they are less likely to be disturbed by pets or children and allow complete access to the bait material for the ants. We place bait stations in areas where these ants have been seen.

Pharoah Ants

  • These ants are usually light yellow or red in color.
  • They can be found in areas of high moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Although small (about 1/10 inch long) they can cause major problems when they invade homes and buildings.

Pharaoh ants prefer the taste of sweets over proteins, so selective baiting is important to ensure the proper bait is being used throughout the ant control process.

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Green Pest Solutions offers comprehensive ant control services that will eliminate existing populations while helping protect against future infestations. Contact us to schedule your service and learn how we can help you get rid of your ant problem. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Very Professional, took his time to explain everything he was going to do, what to expect, and what to do next year to avoid getting them again. Highly recommended !!
George Rivell
George Rivell
Everyone I have ever had contact with has been very helpful, professional, and friendly. They answer the phone quickly when you call to schedule your treatment, arrive within the scheduled time window, and are willing to customize your treatment.
Patti Maiale
Patti Maiale
Robert was fantastic! Very helpful, answered all of our questions and very detailed. We have loved every member of green pest that has worked with us in the last few months! Very impressed with this company.
Dennis is very professional, informative, and respectful. He goes above and beyond to help his customers and always has a pleasant demeanor! I would recommend Dennis to everyone!
Erica Supplee
Erica Supplee
Dennis has been my serviceman for over a year. He’s always friendly, efficient, and explains everything he has done.
Ellen C
Ellen C
Amazing work and works with you to get the job done right. If pests come back, you can easily schedule another appointment for them to come check it out. They are respectful and come prepared with shoe coverings to keep your house clean from outside... debris. They do a thorough job and will keep coming out until your pest issues are more
Ginny Robison
Ginny Robison
Jared was polite,informative and did all the things the contract said he would do.
Mark Anthony was punctual, polite and professional. We’d be happy to have him service our house on a regular basis.
I was so appreciative of Matthew's understanding of my aversion to spiders. He was very courteous and did a great job. Now to hopefully not see any more wolf spiders in my house.
Lauren Patrick
Lauren Patrick
I continue to highly recommend Green Pest Solutions for their professional and effective pest control services. This last summer was very unusual - yellow jackets built several large underground nests around my yard, and hornets built nests inside... my attic and on the outside of my house. This was the first time in 15 years that I experienced this issue and fortunately for me, Henry of Green Pest Solutions was there to address all my insect problems. Because of my positive interactions with the Green Pest Solutions office, and the exceptional and effective service provided by Henry to get rid of all the yellow jacket and hornet nests, I signed up for a yearly contract to protect my home against insects and other pests, which includes a monthly inspection and treatment to prevent any future problems. As I experienced previously, Henry showed up for the first monthly inspection right on time, and provided the same friendly and professional service that gives Green Pest Solutions such an excellent reputation. With a Green Pest Solutions yearly service contract, I now feel like I am in good hands and no longer have to worry about more
Robert Lowe
Robert Lowe
Very responsive. As soon as I call eith an issue, they are right on it.
Attendant was very pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and efficient.
We had a yellow jacket nest, and they were able to come and take care of it really quickly and easily!
Josh Prentice
Josh Prentice
Charles, our pest control technician, was prompt, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. He seemed to really care about helping us solve our issues. Thanks again Charles.
Diamond S
Diamond S
Sherman Henderson is one excellent man! Came in, handled everything with ease and care.
Isaiah Luck
Isaiah Luck

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Ant Identification Guide

Ant Identification Guide

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