Stinging Insects

waspHornets, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, bumble bees, honey bees, ground bees, paper wasps, sand wasps, cicada killers, and other related species can easily become established in or on buildings, decks, sheds, garages, walls and fencing. Species including yellow jackets (ground bees), bald-faced hornets, bumble bees and cicada killers are found underground and/or in trees, shrubs and groundcover. Bee Control is available at all times to respond to situations involving the elimination, extermination, removal and control of insect colonies and their nests.

  • Yellow jackets – Green Pest Solutions will locate the nest and treat entrances with a non-repellant control product to prevent swarming.
  • Bald-faced hornet – Green Pest Solutions will locate the nest, and treat the openings and exterior with a non-repellant product to prevent swarming. Green Pest Solutions will return to retreat the area in 2-4 days (if within 20 feet of ground)
  • Paper wasp – Green Pest Solutions will spot treat each nest with a non-repellant product, and knock down nesting material.
  • Carpenter bee – if possible, Green Pest Solutions will dust holes and treat surrounding wood to prevent new activity.

Stinging Insect Control

Green Pest Solutions have a variety of GREEN control measures for the eradication of stinging insect problems.

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Guide to Stinging Insects

Guide to Stinging Insects

Learn how to identify the various species of stinging insects, their hives and nests and control them with this guide.