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Stink Bug Prevention & Extermination Service

stink bug prevention

The name “stink bug” comes from the scent glands on the back of the abdomen and underside of the thorax. These glands secrete a foul-smelling liquid when the bug is disturbed.

The brown stink bug is an insect not previously seen on our continent, it was accidentally introduced into eastern Pennsylvania. It was first collected in September of 1998 in Allentown, but probably arrived several years earlier.

This insect has become a prominent pest in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. It has produced severe losses in some apple and peach orchards by damaging peaches and apples. It also has been found feeding on blackberry, sweet corn, field corn and soybeans. In neighboring states it has been observed damaging tomatoes, lima beans and green peppers.

Identifying Stink Bugs

  • Adults are approximately one inch long and are shades of brown on both the upper and lower body surfaces.
  • They are the typical “shield” shape of other stink bugs, almost as wide as they are long.
  • They have patches of coppery or bluish metallic colored small rounded depressions on the head and pronotum.

4 Ways You can Prevent Stink Bugs

  • The best stink bug prevention is to keep your landscape and garden free of debris.
  • Seal cracks in baseboards, window and door trim, and ceiling exhaust fans and lights with caulk or other suitable materials to prevent the insects from crawling out.
  • Remove weeds, leaves, wood piles, tall grasses and other materials that may attract them.
  • Insecticides can be used in the late spring and early summer when nymphs are present and active.
  • Repellents also work but should be used in combination with other methods.

How our Stink Bug Treatment & Extermination Works

Our stink bug treatment process starts with a thorough inspection. We use a combination of insecticides and preventative maintenance to reduce the number of stink bugs in your home or business. We use products that are safe for people and pets but effective on insects to eliminate the infestation quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will treat the areas where these pests are known to hide, such as cracks and crevices around windows and doors, along baseboards, and in attics and basements. We ensure treatment of areas where adult stink bugs congregate such as shrubs, trees, decks, eaves and siding.

Real Results from Our Customers

5 ⭐ Review 👉 “I think everyone that has a home in southern New Jersey has had some sort of occurrence of the troublesome Chinese lantern fly and stink bug. Green Pest Solutions has eliminated these insects in or outside of my home…” – Joseph

5 ⭐ Review 👉 “Mark Anthony was friendly, professional and did an all around great job treating our stink bug infestation.” – Joanna

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*Source Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

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