5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mosquitoes

Mosquito sucking blood

Ask anyone what their least favorite pest is and chances are they will say mosquitoes. These slow flying insects can ruin an entire summer with their bite, and because mosquitoes also carry disease, there is a reason that mosquitoes need to be eliminated.

But as they say in war time: know your enemy. That is why today we’ll explore 5 little known facts about mosquitoes.

Interesting Mosquito Facts

  • Mosquitoes Serve No Purpose – Nearly every pest does play a crucial role in the world’s eco-system, which is why you eliminate these pests inside, but try not to eliminate them outside. However, mosquitoes appear to serve no purpose in the world and bring no benefit to the eco-system. Scientists have looked for years and found no environmental purpose to the mosquito.
  • Only Females Bite – Sometimes you’ll see mosquitoes fly all around you and wonder how you managed to escape unharmed. Only female mosquitoes bite, and only when they need to for their eggs. Presence of a mosquito doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be bitten. However, if you see one mosquito, chances are there are more around you.
  • Mosquito Wings Beat 500 Times a Second – They may seem like slow fliers, but their wings beat very, very quickly. That’s one of the reasons you can often hear a mosquito near you, as their wings beat so quickly it creates a sound.
  • Mosquitoes Can Sense Breathing – Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and can sense it from nearly 100 feet away. So unfortunately, you are still at risk for mosquito bites outside even if you have eliminated them around your own. The good news is that eliminating them around your own home is usually enough to keep most bites away, just not all of them.
  • Mosquitoes Like Some People More Than Others – If you’ve ever wondered why you get mosquito bites while your friends do not, it’s because they may just love your body. Mosquitoes have been shown to have preferences (for example, beer drinkers) and you may be the meal that sounds most delicious.

The more we know about mosquitoes, the easier they are to eliminate and the more you can do to stay safe. If you have a mosquito problem in Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey, call Green Pest Solutions today.

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Guide to Mosquitoes

Guide to Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can ruin a summer barbecue and transmit nasty diseases in the process. Learn the conditions that mosquitoes prefer and steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from their bite.