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Are Flies Attracted to Light?


Between flies landing on the food you just worked so hard to prepare and banging and buzzing against the windows, you know flies are as pesky as pests can get. What makes them choose one space to bother over another? Are flies attracted to light like other insects? And are there other things that attract them to your space? Find out.

Are Flies Attracted to Light?

Adult flies are attracted to bright lights and will search for the brightest in the area (explaining why they love to make lots of noise near windows). While it is hard to pinpoint a reason, it is theorized that the light serves as a beacon for safety. Because the bug’s eyes contain multiple lenses, they can struggle to adjust from light to dark, making them night-blind.

What Else Attracts Flies?

  • Any fresh, moist animal feces: To keep flies from breeding in your dog’s doo-doo, remove it from the space immediately by burying it or using a pooper scooper and plastic bag to remove and seal the feces. Place the bagged waste in a lidded garbage can.
  • Kitchen scraps and other organic waste: When it comes to food waste, the drier the better. Drain any moisture you can from food before throwing it away. Be sure to tie garbage bags shut.
  • Garbage cans and dumpsters: Keep lids tightly closed on your trash cans, and making sure the cans have no holes. All garbage within the can should be bagged and tied closed.
  • Outdoor vegetation: If you have fruit trees in your yard, pick up any fruit that falls on the ground. Fermenting or overripe fruit provides just the right combination of moist and sweet to attract flies.
  • Indoor plants: Prune and discard of any dying plant parts. Fungus gnat larvae feed on fungi that develop in moist soils and on decaying plant matter.

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