Are Termites Active During the Winter?



As the weather cools, you might be relieved to see less of some of the insects that plague your summertime activities. We’re looking at you, mosquitoes and bees. But what about termites? This pest isn’t just dangerous, potentially causing severe structural damage. It is also incredibly expensive to remedy the effects of an infestation. Will you have a reprieve from termites this winter?

Termites’ Activity During the Winter

Outdoor Termites: Outdoor termites quiet down when it gets cold outside, but this isn’t considered hibernation. Consider this a good time to clear your yard of dead wood that attracts them.

Indoor Termites: Unfortunately, indoor termites remain equally active during the wintertime, as they have the essential W’s: water, warmth, and wood. Continue to look for the signs to prevent the infestation become more serious during any time of the year.

Termites Are No Match for Green Pest Solutions Any Time of the Year

Termites are not insects you want to mess around with because damage can be costly and cause serious harm to your home. The safest and most effective way to deal with a termite infestation is to work with a professional, like Green Pest Solutions. Simply call us today at 877-636-9469 for an inspection or treatment.

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Guide to Termites

Guide to Termites

Protect your home from the devastation that termites can cause by knowing how to identify them, warning signs of their presence, and steps to prevent an infestation.