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Can Cats Kill Mice and Rats?


Stories of cats chasing mice and other rodents are all over the TV and there are plenty of amusing pictures and videos online showing off cats’ skills. But can cats kill mice and rats? Anecdotal Tom and Jerry episodes would tell you no, as Tom chases Jerry relentlessly and yet Jerry always seems to get away. But then again, you’ve surely seen pictures of proud felines bringing their owners “gifts” of mice and other small animals.

Can Cats Kill Mice and Rats? Yes!

Cats were originally domesticated in ancient Egypt and used as a way to rid the city of rodents. As their loving characteristics were discovered, people brought them in as household pets. Slowly but surely, their hunting skills waned—although their predator nature still pops through. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You should never buy a cat for the sole purpose of catching rodents. Cats are loving members of families and desire to be treated as such, no matter how independent they might seem. If you do have a rodent problem, call a pest control company, like Green Pest Solutions.
  2. Some cats are better suited for hunting. Some people claim that females are better hunters than males because they have to teach their young to hunt, but the boys are able to hold their own, too. Also, cats from shelters seem to be more natural hunters than ones that are bought from a breeder.
  3. Your cat is giving you a gift. Show appreciation and not disgust. She is, after all, helping you keep your home rodent-free.
  4. A spayed or neutered cat will be a more productive hunter. They will have more time to search for tiny critters if they aren’t thinking about mating.

Keep Your Kitty Expectations In Check. Call The Green Pest Solutions.

Can your cat kill mice? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that’s their job. If you have a rodent problem, call the pest pros at 855-312-7157.

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