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Can You Freeze Cockroaches to Kill Them?


When you have cockroaches, you’ll do just about anything to get rid of them. Some homeowners trap them, others lure them with pheromones. You can vacuum them and use natural insecticides. Have you heard of people who freeze cockroaches to kills them? It might sound like a tall tale, but it’s true! You can freeze them out.

Why You Can Freeze Cockroaches

It’s simple, really: they’re cold-blooded. That means that their body temperature changes as the outside temperature does. (Humans and other mammals are warm-blooded, which means our temperature stays the same no matter the temperature outside.) While this may help them in some instances, in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, their body will reach that extreme, too.

The caveat? The temperature needs to change rapidly. A gradual decrease won’t be as harmful because their body will be able to adapt more easily. And that might be tricky to do on a large scale, like your house.

Kick Cockroaches out in the Cold.

All you need to do is call Green Pest Solutions. We might not freeze cockroaches to kick them out, but we certainly know how to get them gone for good. Learn more about our cockroach plan of attack, and call us today at 855-312-7157.

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