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DIY Anti-Roach Potions

Cockroaches on food


Cockroaches are highly persistent bugs. They can survive for months on nothing but water, weeks on food alone, and cannot easily be crushed or killed due to their resilient exoskeletons, not to mention their ability to regrow lost limbs.

Though cockroaches are notably difficult pests to exterminate yourself, the following anti-cockroach solutions that you can mix up at home may help you at least to cut down on their numbers, and potentially drive them away completely.

  • Catnip – Cockroaches seem to be as repelled by catnip as cats are attracted to it. Scattering dried or fresh catnip leaves around the house, or boiling the leaves for tea and using it as a spray are safe and environmentally friendly methods of working towards exterminating roaches.
  • Rosemary Oil – Rosemary oil added to water and sprayed around your home is another herbal and non-toxic way to drive roaches away. Pay special attention to the kitchen and dining area, and wherever else you see them most often.
  • Water and Alcohol – Mixing water and alcohol in a spray bottle and applying it directly to a roach can effectively kill it. Be careful to spray each roach plenty of times – a cockroach that flips onto its back is not necessarily dead yet.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – Diatomaceous earth is an organic powder made from seashells whose rough granules cut up the exoskeleton of a roach, eventually causing it to die. Sprinkle it thoroughly around your home to ensure that the cockroaches are forced to walk through it. When working with diatomaceous earth in close quarters it is important to wear a mask to avoid breathing too much of it in yourself.
  • Baking Soda Dough Balls – Tricking roaches into eating baking soda makes them dehydrated. Since water is the substance that roaches rely most heavily upon to survive, dehydrating them can significantly shorten their lifespan. Mix baking soda into a combination of flour, sugar and shortening and place it anywhere you frequently see roaches.

Killing roaches can take time and quite a bit of effort when doing it yourself, but can be worthwhile once you stop seeing these nasty insects scuttling around in unexpected places. If you want them gone faster and with less effort on your part, you can also call Green Pest today to get $50 off your first cockroach extermination treatment.

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