Do Ants Die in the Winter?

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You woke up one morning, and the ants that have been crawling on your sidewalk all spring and summer are suddenly gone. Do ants die off in the winter?

Do Ants Die in the Winter?

Ants do not die in the winter. You don’t see them during this time of year because they hibernate in their nest, waiting out the cold.

They keep in clusters to maintain body heat, and they surround the queen to keep her healthy. They choose to go to the warmest places they can find, like going deep down into the soil, under rocks, and near trees. The entrance to their nest closes because it doesn’t need to accommodate the workers going in and out.

To prepare for the winter, they ate plenty of food during the fall to fatten up. By the end of the winter, the ants enter a dormant stage where they rely on their fat stores.

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