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Are Mosquitos Attracted to Bug Zappers?

From the moment you first find mosquitoes on your property, you’ll be looking for a way to eliminate them. No one wants to live with mosquitoes, and one mosquito on your property is usually a sign that more mosquitoes will soon come. That causes people to rush to the local garden or hardware store and find a solution that can keep mosquitoes away.

Bug Zappers for Mosquitoes: Do They Work?

Homeowners want a solution that is going to work long term, use the least amount of toxins, and ideally provide support against other types of pests as well. It’s no surprise, then, how many people look to bug zappers. Bug zappers seem to make the most sense – simply hang this light up around your home, and let pests follow it to their doom. Presumably this would mean that all the mosquitoes in your area will eliminate themselves.

Unfortunately, bug zappers do not work with mosquitoes, and in some cases they can do more harm than good:

  • Mosquitoes aren’t that attracted to light. They are more attracted to carbon dioxide (from breathing) and warmth. So very few mosquitoes will find themselves flying towards the bug zapper.
  • Some bug zappers come with mosquito inserts, but these inserts only work for about a week before they need to be replaced and do not have a very far range. They also do not emit carbon dioxide, so they’ll still attract only a small percentage of mosquitoes.
  • Bug zappers do not kill all bugs. Many bugs they simply stun.
  • Bug zappers are also well known to kill off many of the good insects that live around your property while affecting very few of the bad ones. Many beneficial insects are attracted to bug zappers, while mosquitoes, spiders, and cockroaches have no attraction to them at all.
  • There is some evidence, although it’s incomplete, that bug zappers may actually attract even more pests to your property.

So while bug zappers may seem like a fantastic solution for mosquitoes, they are simply not that effective even with the insects and you’ll likely be doing much more harm than good to your pest problem. A much better solution is to use mosquito prevention strategies and work with a trained pest control company to eliminate mosquitoes for you. Call Green Pest Solutions today to learn more.

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