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Do Daddy Long Legs Bite? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Daddy long legs, also known as harvestmen, are arachnids that belong to the order Opiliones. You might be surprised to learn they aren’t true spiders (but they are cousins). What else is there to know about this spider-like insect?

What Do Daddy Long Legs Look like?

As their name suggests, daddy long legs have extra long legs attached to a pill-shaped body. Unlike their spider cousins, which have six to eight eyes, harvestmen only have a single pair.

What Do Harvestmen Eat?

This arachnid doesn’t produce silk and therefore doesn’t spin a web. Instead, they are ambush predators, eating spiders, earthworms, and insects. They will also eat decaying plant material and insect eggs.

Do Daddy Long Legs Bite?

Because they are omnivores, harvestmen do have fang-like mouthparts (also known as chelicerae) to chew their food. While this might point to biting ability in other insects, harvestmen are not known to bite humans and should not be considered dangerous.

Do You Need to Get Rid of Harvestmen?

Because of their pest-filled diet, many people consider this beneficial house and garden guests. However, if you see too many insect-eating bugs around your home, like daddy long legs or spiders, it could be time to call an exterminator; they might be coming to your home to snack on another pesty invader. We know you don’t want them lurking around your house, which is why we have the Green Band Protection System. Call us today at 855-312-7157 to learn about this preventative treatment plan.

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