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Do German Cockroaches Have Wings? And Other Identifiers


There is an old saying that goes “for every German cockroach you see, there are 100 more you don’t.” But, if you don’t know what you’re looking at, you can’t be sure there are more cockroaches behind the scene. The German cockroach is one of the most common in PA, NJ, and DE. Is it the insect you found?

How to Identify German Cockroaches

Wings: Yes! But they rarely fly. (They prefer to run.)

Color: Light brown or tan with two dark stripes on their backs

Legs: six

Shape: Oval

Antenna: yes

Size: 1/2″ to 5/8″L

Nymphs: Young German cockroaches are dark brown to black, and also have dark stripes on their backs.

Common Hangouts: You’ll find them in warm, humid places that are close to food and water. Kitchens and bathrooms are their favorite spots.

Droppings: Their feces are small, dark, pepper-like material. You might find it on countertops and in drawers.

Smell: When an infestation becomes large, a musty odor may be present.

Cockroaches Are No Match for Green Pest Solutions

The German cockroach is commonly found in homes but is actually most often found in commercial areas, like hotels and restaurants (yuck!). We know the ins and outs of exterminating cockroaches in homes and businesses. If you’re located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware, call your local pros at Green Pest Solutions.

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