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Do Ticks Jump?

How do they get on you?


You’re outside in the woods, and when you come inside, you suddenly spot a tick behind your knee. How did it get there? First, it found you by detecting your breath, body odor, heat, moisture, or vibrations. Some ticks are even smart enough to watch for shadows! They weren’t necessarily waiting for you, but any warm-blooded animal to come by. So, once it detected you, how did it find its way onto your body? Do ticks jump?

Do Ticks Jump?

No, ticks do not jump. But, they do use a clever method to grab onto their next host. They wait in a position called “questing.” In this position, they hold onto leaves, branches, and grass by their third and fourth pairs of legs. They reach off their ledge with their first pair of legs, waiting for a victim to come by. (Imagine a little kid with their arms stretched up, begging to be picked up.) Once an animal or human brushes by, they quickly climb on. Once there, they may either latch right away or crawl around until they find a good spot. They especially like areas on your body where the skin is thinner.

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