Five Common Ant Questions Answered


Ants are interesting insects, and they’re one of the most common pests homeowners deal with. Movies have painted quite the picture of what it’s like to be an ant (think A Bug’s Life, Ants, The Ant Bully, and even Honey I Shrunk The Kids). And we’ve fielded plenty of ant questions along the way. Here are the most common ones we’re asked:

1. Do Ants Bite?

Yes, ants can bite, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of every ant that comes your way. A few ants to be on the lookout for are:

  • Carpenter ants can bite out of defense and they will inject formic acid into the wound
  • Pavement ants sting or bite when provoked
  • Fire ants are possibly one of the most fear ants, stinging and biting on a whole other painful level. Luckily for our customers, they present in the southern states, not in the northeast.

2. How Many Ants Are in A Colony?

It depends. Many colonies are home to tens of thousands of ants, which is why killing off a couple isn’t going to get rid of your ant problem. The longer the colony has been around, the more ants there will be, meaning the sooner you take control of the problem, the better.

3. What’s the Best DIY Method to Get Rid of an Ant Colony?

Your best bet to get rid of ants yourself is to use a bait kit. Place the poisonous bait in the corner of your house where it will stay undisturbed by people and pets. Ants will take the poison back to their nest, thinking it’s food to share, and it will quickly kill off the colony.

4. Can Ants Feel Pain?

Some people worry about hurting ants when they squish them out of their home. The good news is that ants do not feel pain, but they do sense damage—two very different things. This is known as nociception.

5. How Can You Identify a Queen Ant?

For many types of ants, the queen will be much bigger than the workers. Unlike many of the other ants, she will also have wings.

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Ant Identification Guide

Ant Identification Guide

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