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Goodwill Bed Bug Scare

Bed Bugs Invade Newspaper

We all know Goodwill generally accepts almost any sort of donation, but of the millions of items donating every year, clothing sticks out as the prominent leader. In fact, early in the company’s history, Reverend Edgar J Helms, collected used household goods and clothing in affluent areas of the city. Goodwill employees sort through thousands of clothing donations every day and sometimes discover unwanted donations of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs scare Goodwill

Bed Bugs scare Goodwill

In July of 2013, 2 San Francisco bay area Goodwill warehouses were forced to shut down after bed bug scares. The infestation was confirmed by bed bug-sniffing dogs shortly after. Local Exterminators will tent and treat the affected areas of the 30,000-square-foot warehouse. According to Tim Murray, director of grand and marketing for Goodwill in San Francisco, Goodwill employees took appropriate preparation measures by disposing loads of donations that were stored near the infested areas, and steam-cleaned several hundred pounds worth of materials, textiles and fabrics that were kept in the facilities, expressed Murray.

The extermination was complete nearly a week ago and experts say they are close to getting the all-clear. The Burlingame bed bug scare might have ended early this week as an expert and bed bug-sniffing dog suspected zero traces of bed bugs. The Burlingame, California Goodwill warehouse center is an intake center for nearly 30 different donation centers.

Over the last five to ten years, bed bug infestations have become a national problem. Homeowners see them more in high velocity cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. Furthermore, due to their activity, Bed Bugs can latch onto travelers at airports can hitch rides to hotels as they awaiting their next meal and travel destination.

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