What is the Green Band Protection System and Why Does it Work?

Outside Perimeter

Many pest control companies in Pennsylvania provide monthly, basic pest control services. Green Pest Solutions uses a quarterly service that provides more thorough pest control techniques that last longer and are more effective than their monthly solutions.

It’s known as the Green Band Protection system, and it involves three different steps for pest management:

  • Outer Perimeter – The outside of the home is examined and control techniques are used to eliminate harmful pests.
  • Inner Perimeter – Exclusion techniques seal off all potential pest entrances, and the correct blend of pest control treatments are used to create a wall that pests cannot pass through.
  • Inside the Home – Finally, the inside of the home is sealed, with prevention techniques used to eliminate any pests that somehow find their way inside.

The Green Band Protection system from Green Pest Solutions is one of the reasons that we are the highest rated pest control company in Pennsylvania. This technique is one of the most effective available for comprehensively controlling pests, and keeping them from coming back.

Green Band Protection System

Green Band Protection’s Integrated Pest Management

What makes the Green Band Protection system so effective is that it takes advantage of what’s known as “Integrated Pest Management,” or IPM. IPM is a more thorough, environmentally friendly solution for pest control and pest management. Rather than focus solely on chemical pest controls which eliminate all types of pests no matter how good they are for the environment, IPM looks at each home as a unique structure. IPM:

  • Uses pesticides only when necessary.
  • Uses exclusion to prevent pests from entering homes without killing them.
  • Uses environmentally created pesticides, rather than untested chemical treatments.

IPM evaluates which insects and other pests are in your local environment, as well as which ones are risks for your home and which ones are not. With the Green Band Protection System, we figure out the perfect solution for your specific pest profile, and use that information to create a system that will eliminate and prevent all pests.

The best way to learn about the integrated pest management system Green Pest Solution uses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware is to contact us today at 877-636-9469. We’re happy to explain how it works, and why it is such an effective choice for homeowners.

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