How Do I Get Rid of Flying Ants?

What’s worse than having an ant infestation? Having flying ants in your home! Not only do they pose the threats issues that normal ants do, like stealing your food, but they are also more adept at getting to tough-to-reach places because of their wings.

What Are Flying Ants?

Most ants do not have wings, but there are ants in every colony that do have wings. They are called alates, swarmers, or reproductives. These ants come into your home when a colony has already made its way in. And you won’t find them year-round; instead, you’ll likely seem them after a heavy rainfall certain seasons of the year.

Their appearance makes them often confused with termites. You can tell them apart because ants have elbowed antenna, a thin thorax, and wings that are not equal in size.

How Do You Get Rid of Flying Ants?

Winged ants are tough to get rid of. It comes down to eliminating the colony, which you can do by placing bait traps that attract ants and bring poison back to the nest.

Your safest bet is to call a pest professional, like Green Pest Solutions. They know how to get rid of ants for good, which is important when a nest has reached the size of having flying ants invade your home.

Pest Problem? We Can Help.

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Ant Identification Guide

Ant Identification Guide

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