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How Long Do Flies Live?


Everyone knows the dreaded sound of flies hanging out nearby. They buzz against windows and sometimes get very friendly with you, landing on your arm as they please. Needless to say, their company gets old after just a few minutes, which probably leaves you wondering how long flies live and how you can get rid of them.

Fly Lifecycle

Flies live to be about 28 days old. Without intervention, that means you have to deal with their buzzing for nearly a month, during which time they are working hard to reproduce so even more come to bug you. Here’s what they’re up to during this time:

Eggs: In some cases, fertilized eggs can hatch within 24 hours.

Larval: Flies stay in the larvae day for several days to several weeks, eating as much protein and nutrients as possible to survive the pupa stage.

Pupal: Flies spend their pupal stage in dark, dry areas. They develop six legs, compound eyes, and wings.

Adulthood: The flies you are used to hearing and seeing in your home are adults. During this time, they eat, lay eggs, buzz around, and bug you.

Do Flies Live too Long for Your Liking? Here Are Some Preventative and Treatment Options:

Keep your door shut: Flies’ ideal temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees, making your home much more comfortable than outside during the summertime. If you want to bring in fresh air, make sure your screens are all intact.

Use fly traps: There are a variety of ones on the market. Some are basically sticky, appealing pieces of tape that the flies land on and get stuck. Others lure them into a container that they can’t get out of.

Use plants that deter them: Like other insects, flies find some plants and scents utterly unappealing. Lemongrass, peppermint, cloves, citronella, and lemon are just a few options.

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