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How to Ethically Remove Mice

Mouse in house

A mouse infestation can be a pain. Mice will chew through your belongings, leave their droppings all over your house, and dig holes in the walls to make their nests. However, getting rid of these cuter-than-average pests doesn’t have to be a pain—for either you or the mouse. Here are some methods for humanely discouraging mice from moving in with you.

  • Clean Your House – Mice are attracted to clutter and food particles that they can use to hide and thrive. Keeping your house clean by sealing food, regularly taking out the trash, promptly washing dishes, vacuuming and picking up your floors will make your home less attractive to mice.
  • Trapping – Trap rodents with this simple fast and quick approach such as using snap traps.
  • Get/Borrow a Cat – Cats are the original mouse exterminators. Mice will register the threat either by smelling the cat or being chased by it. If a mouse gets caught, it provides sustenance for the cat and does not die needlessly. If you don’t have a cat, you can ask a friend who has one if you can borrow him/her for a week. (Try and pick a cat that is young and active to chase mice).
  • Block Doorways – You can keep your doors closed to mice by placing kitty litter boxes near entrances to your home. The scent will help to warn mice away. Steel wool can also be used at the “doorways” to mouse holes, preventing them from chewing through it to get inside.
  • Catch Mice in Boxes – Box traps, as well as actual boxes can be used to catch mice without killing them. Once you have caught your mouse/mice, it is recommended that you drive about 1 mile away from your home before releasing them.
  • Exclusion – Seal all Rodent entry ways on the exterior of the house to prevent mice and other rodents from entering in the first place.

Killing mice can be gory and unpleasant. Mice don’t need to live in human homes and will survive just as well in the wild, so don’t feel bad about driving them outdoors. If you want your mouse problem dealt with ASAP, call Green Pest today for $50 off your first mouse extermination treatment.

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