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How to Keep Spiders Away from Your Bed

Your bedroom is a place of solace. The last thing you want to be sharing your room with is a bug. While you might expect to find spiders in other areas of your house, yes, you might find one in your bed! Luckily, there are some ways you can keep spiders away from your bed.

How to Keep Spiders Away from Your Bed

Here’s the good news: spiders probably aren’t purposefully hiding under your sheets. They might accidentally make their way there if you make your room a cozy place to live. Here’s how to help keep your room less comfortable for spiders.

  • Keep your room tidy: Spiders love hiding spots, so if there are plenty of places for them to feel safe (clothes left haphazardly on the floor, piles of shoes, etc.) they will gladly share your room.
  • Make your bed: Spiders aren’t actually interested in spending time with you; they actually think you’re a threat! If your sheets and comforters are left in a crumpled pile every day while you’re gone, they might decide to explore the safe crevices and accidentally stay too long. Making your bed keeps it tidy and less inviting.
  • Wash your sheets: This gives you a fresh start. Washing your sheets will take care of any spiders that stumbled upon your bedding.
  • Get rid of cobwebs: If spiders make webs in your room, it’s a signal it’s been a safe place for them to live. Send the message it is not an appropriate room by cleaning any cobwebs you find.

Spider Infestation? Call Green Pest Solutions for Help.

Did you know that every home has spiders? It’s perfectly normal for you to share your space with this eight-legged pest. What’s not normal is for there to be a sudden surge in their presence. This could actually be a sign of an infestation from another pest because spiders go where there is food. So, call us at 855-312-7157 if you’re seeing more spiders than normal.

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