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How to Keep Spiders out of the Basement

7 Things You Can Do

How to Keep Spiders out of the Basement

Spiders like to make themselves comfortable in areas of your home that see less activity, so it’s no wonder the basement is a great spot for them to be. Learn how you can keep spiders out of the basement.

How to Keep Spiders out of the Basement

  1. Kick out other pests. Did you know spiders are the extermination experts of the pest world? Spiders come into your house to eat the other pests that make your home their own. By diligently getting rid of other insects, the spiders will have less access to food, and you’ll eventually see less of them around.
  2. Keep the space tidy. Like other pests, spiders like to go where there are quiet places to hide. Your messy space leaves plenty of spots to hang out safely and watch for the other pests that are also seeking solace. By keeping your basement clutter-free, there will be fewer hiding spots for them to be comfortable.
  3. De-web. Spiders will happily make their nearly invisible homes within your home, which have the additional function of sustaining spiders by catching food for them. You can encourage your spiders to build their webs outside your home rather than inside by running your vacuum along the places where the walls meet the ceiling and floor, which are the dark and inaccessible corners where spiders prefer to reside.
  4. Keep Spiders out of the Basement Use scent. Spiders are averse to the scent of eucalyptus. Sprinkling eucalyptus oil or spreading eucalyptus leaves around your basement will discourage spiders from building their homes there.
  5. Apply white vinegar. This natural method works because white vinegar contains acetic acid that harms spiders. Simply dilute the mixture with water to safely and successfully repel spiders and keep them out of your basement.
  6. Seal Cracks. They need to get in somehow, so don’t make it easy for them! Go around the outside of your home and see if there are cracks or other tiny spaces where spiders might be able to get through.
  7. Keep them out of other areas of your home. While your basement might have some easy access points from the outside, spiders often hitch a ride into your house first, where they then make their way down to the basement. For example, according to PennState Extension, firewood is a frequent mode of transportation for spiders to get inside. Other common sources are second-hand furniture and items stored in the garage.

Kick Spiders out with Help From Green Pest Solutions.

While every home has a few spiders, spotting too many is a sign of a greater pest infestation. If you’re seeing an alarming amount, call the experts at Green Pest Solutions. We know just how to handle all of your pest problems, spiders in your basement included.

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