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How to Seal Your Home Against Cockroaches

Cockroaches on food

Cockroaches will seem to appear in your home out of nowhere, and once they get in, they are near-impossible to get out using DIY methods. Whether you have neighbors with cockroaches or have just exterminated cockroaches from your home, the following steps will help your home to reject future roach infestations.

Fill Cracks in the Walls

The hardy household cockroach can live outside nearly as easily as it can live inside, but will generally come inside if it has the chance. Cracks in the wall even 1/16 of an inch wide can provide an entryway for these pests, as they are extremely versatile in build and can squeeze through even the tiniest cracks. Buy some caulk and closely examine wall edges. Turning the lights off, looking for light from outside and feeling for drafts will help you to find and seal the less noticeable cracks.

Clear Space Around Vents

Vents bring you warm air in winter, but can also bring you cockroaches if you live in an apartment building that roaches find their way into. The convenient tube system makes for easy transport for roaches, which is even easier when they find that they can clamber down from the vent directly onto a household plant or hat stand. Get rid of any furniture or materials that may be leaning against vents in your home to encourage roaches to exit the tube elsewhere.

Keep Food Covered

Food should be kept carefully sealed if you live in an area where there is a high risk of cockroach infestations. Avoid leaving bread, fruit or other food items sitting on counters, leaving unfinished meals, snacks or dirty dishes lying around, or keeping food compost in a container without a tight seal. Keeping food sealed in the refrigerator is best, but if you must leave food on the counter, be sure to seal it in a plastic container with a tightly fitting lid.

Plug Drains and Cap Bottles

Water is like food to cockroaches—they can survive on water and only water for a surprising length of time. Ensure that cockroaches have as little access to water as possible by plugging up drains in sinks and showers, wiping up spills and splashes, and remembering to cover juice and water (or drinking out of bottles with bottle caps).

Check for Hitchhikers

Cockroaches may try to hitch a ride on people and enter your home that way. Checking yourself in a mirror for bugs, as well as making sure your family and friends are roach-free upon entry, will prevent these unwanted guests from sneaking their way inside. If you are careful about sealing your home, you can significantly reduce the risk of cockroach infestation and not have to worry about having to get them removed.

If it’s too late for your home and cockroaches have already found their way inside, call Green Pest Solutions today to get $50 off your first cockroach removal treatment. We specialize in cockroach removal across the Pennsylvania tri-state area.

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