Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth the Cost?

Ask Yourself These Questions

Quarterly Pest Control

When taking a look at your budget, it can be tempting to eliminate the things you don’t seem to need. Is quarterly pest control worth the cost for your family? Ask yourself these questions to help you decide.

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth the Cost?

  • Do you do your own consistent pest control and inspections? Taking preventative measures like inspecting for pathways inside and using safe products on the outside of your home is the best way to combat pests. Are you doing these things yourself? The sooner you address a pest problem, the more cost-efficient your extermination methods will be.
  • Is saving money now worth the greater cost later? Termites alone cause $5 billion dollars in structural damage in the United States every year. And those aren’t the only pests that can be costly. Rodents and insects are more challenging to exterminate than prevent, so getting rid of them will cost you more money than preventing them. Are you prepared to take on a high cost later to address an infestation instead of investing in the safety of your home and wallet now?
  • Is your yard unruly or have plants close to your house? That tree leading right up to your roof is the perfect bridge for rodents to climb into your attic. Termites probably love those fallen trees in your yard. And that stack of firewood is calling to spiders. You are more likely to deal with pests if the areas around your home seem cozy, too.
  • Do you have pets? You’re not the only one who loves your dogs and cats. Pests do, too! Every time your furbaby travels outside, your home is at risk of getting an infestation as pests like to hitch rides inside on the warm bodies of animals. This puts your house at greater risk than other families that do not have pets that go in and out of the house.

Preventative Measures Are the Best Way to Control Pests.

Green Pest Solutions knows all about the types of invasive pests that are commonly found throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. With those pests in mind, we developed the most effective solution: Green Band Protection System. The Green Band Protection System is a customized program designed for budget-minded families. This eco-friendly pest control service targets only invasive pests while leaving the beneficial pests to thrive and support nature. Call us today at 877-636-9469 to request a free quote.