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What Kills Stink Bugs?

Without Making Them Smell

What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your Home?

Of all the pests that can invade your home, stink bugs are probably the smelliest. Like the skunks of the insect world, they emit an unpleasant odor when they feel threatened. This means you have to be mindful when you are killing them, and squishing isn’t a great idea. Learn what kills stink bugs.

What Kills Stink Bugs?

Soap and Water

Stink bugs cannot swim. If you place a big of dawn dish detergent in a bucket of water and flick the stink bugs inside, they’ll sink to the bottom. There you can let them drown.

Stinkbug Control Insecticide

If you have an infestation and not just a few visitors, you can find some insecticides at your local home improvement store that are marketed for getting rid of stink bugs.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Catch and Release

Dog Poop Bags: Another risky strategy is to try capturing the stink bugs with dog bags. Place them over your hand and gently glide it over the stink bug. Once you have it, grab the stink bug with the bag, close it, and tie it as quickly as possible. A small amount of smell may still be released, but you should be able to avoid the stench. Make sure you dispose of it outside or dump the insect out.

Trap Them in a Glass: One of the simplest ways is to try to trap them inside of some type of glass cup. Whenever you see one on a wall, grab a glass container and gently place it over the insect until it’s covered. Then slip some type of paper underneath to cover it, take the glass outside and let it free away from the property.

Green Pest Solutions Knows What Kills Stink Bugs

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