Mosquitoes and Blood Types

Do They Have a Favorite?

Mosquitoes and Blood Types

“Mosquitoes must just love you.” “Mosquitoes always seem to bite me more than other people.” “You must have sweet blood.” Do any of these sound familiar? People might claim that there is something special about you that attracts this blood-sucking insect. Is it true that mosquitoes prefer certain blood types over others? Find out if there is any truth in this old wives’ tale.

Mosquitoes and Blood Types: Do They Have a Favorite?

Yes, it’s true! Unfortunately for people with O-type blood, mosquitoes like you just as much as blood banks as you share your universal donor blood. In fact, you might be twice as nice for mosquitoes, with the potentially dangerous bug landing on you twice as much as people with other blood types. Why is this? You secrete certain chemicals through your skin, which are determined by your DNA. Do you know what’s also determined by your DNA? Your blood type.

What Attracts Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes might seem to prefer our type-O friends, there are other factors that might make them flock to you more.

  • The pest uses carbon dioxide to find prey, so someone with a higher metabolism (who therefore produces more carbon dioxide) is also at a higher risk of being bitten. This is also why women who are pregnant are twice as likely to be bitten by mosquitoes as someone who is not pregnant.
  • Mosquitoes appear to prefer darker colors, so your shirt might tip them off to your location.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to light, so if you are the unlucky individual sitting by a bright light at night, you might be their first target.

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