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Kill Dust Mites: How to Kick them Out of Your Bed for Good

Dust Mite

Dust mites are everywhere. These microscopic creatures occupy even the cleanest-looking homes. Because they’re so tiny, dust mites don’t always pose a problem, but in certain homes, they are a nightmare. Mites leave waste all over the house, and in high concentration, this waste can increase the chances of household members developing allergies or asthma. It is possible to banish these bugs from your home. Here are a few ways to kill dust mites.

Wash them Away

Hot wash: put your linens, bath mats, and curtains in the washing machine and set it to HOT. 130F degrees and hotter kills dust mites.

Freeze and wash: freeze the above-mentioned items for a day to kill the dust mites, then throw them in the wash to clean off the residue.

Chemical Treatments

Buy an acaricide (a pesticide product designed to kill mites and ticks) containing the ingredient benzyl benozoate.

Keep a Clean House

Use a HEPA vacuum to clean your home weekly. Dust regularly and avoid letting clutter pile up, which attracts dust.

Don’t Make the Beds

A made bed seals in moisture. Leaving your sheets as they lie facilitates airflow, letting the moisture left from your body the night before evaporate.

Kick the Carpet to the Curb

Because carpets retain so much moisture, they tend to flock there in droves. Replacing carpeting with wood or tile eliminates a breeding ground for dust mites.

Sleep Smart

Dust mites feed on the skin flakes from our bodies. Buy a latex mattress or an anti-allergen mattress cover to prevent your skin flakes from penetrating your mattress and being consumed by mites.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

Dust mites thrive in moisture, so keeping your home’s humidity down is a good tactic. Hygrometers work in tandem with dehumidifiers to indicate humidity levels so you can adjust accordingly.

We Can Help Kill Dust Mites

If these methods don’t fully work and you’re still having a negative reaction to dust mites, turn to us. The reputable exterminators at Green Pest Solutions have banished dust mites from homes all over the area. Call us for help at 855-312-7157.

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