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Most Common Pests by Month

Pests can be a problem all throughout the year. It’s one of the reasons that our Green Band Protection system is so important, as it makes sure that pests aren’t able to get into your home once the original treatment has worn off. There is no point during the year when you can’t be surprised by pests, especially as the climate changes and pest behaviors change with it.

But depending on the time of year, you may be dealing with different types of pests. The following pest timeline can give you a look at which pests are most common during which times of year. Keep in mind that some pests, like mice, can be a problem all throughout the year. The following timeline will only refer to when the pest is at its worst.

Pest Problems By Month

January: Mice, Rats.

February: Cockroaches.

March: Termites, Sugar Ants, Cockroaches.

April: Carpenter Ants, Sugar Ants, Cockroaches,

May: Bees, Ticks, Fleas,

June: Ticks, Fleas

July: Mosquitos, Wasps, Crickets, Beatles

August: Mosquitos, Spiders, Crickets, Crane Flies, Most Insects

September: Bed Bugs (Summer Travel Risk), Spiders, House Centipedes, Mosquitos

October: House Centipedes, Spiders

November: Millipedes, Flies

December: Bed Bugs (Holiday Travel), Rodents

Preparing for Pest Invasions

This list is not extensive and timelines can change depending on weather and how easy it is to invade a home. The first floor of a home with a lot of openings may have a lot of spider problems by May, and if it’s a warm fall you may still have mosquito problems as late as November. Pests can be a problem all throughout the year, and in winter – the only time when pests tend to be a bit less common – you are still at risk for rodents, bed bugs, and a few other insects.

Nevertheless, the above list represents some of the most common pests you’ll face over the course of the year and the timelines of when they may affect you most. Pests are always out there and can attack your home at any time, but you’ll find that some months are worse than others, and that you need year round pest control from Green Pest Solutions to keep these pests at bay.

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