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How to keep your home free of silverfish.

Silverfish sitting on wood

Silverfish can survive in most climates, but they are big fans of humidity. That is why the gray-blue crawling creatures are often found in damp, dark places like bathrooms, basements, kitchen cupboards, and attics. Other common hangouts are garages, storage boxes, and sheds. Although they are nocturnal, they can sometimes be spotted during the day in bathrooms or near sinks and drains. Silverfish tend to feed on paper, cardboard, dead skin cells, damp clothing, and other starchy materials. Even when they are not visible, you can sometimes see where they have been, as they frequently leave behind traces of excrement that look like a peppery sprinkling. You may also find the skins they have shed in the areas they inhabit.


The best way to prevent silverfish from taking up residence in your home is to deal with any moisture issues you may have. Here are some tips:

  • Install a fan in your bathroom shower
  • Fill in cracks or fissures where they might enter. Use caulk along baseboards as well as in cracks and holes
  • Use a dehumidifier in damp places like basements to reduce moisture in the air
  • Make sure the area around the exterior foundation of your home is clear of leaves and other debris
  • Fix moisture issues such as standing water, leaky plumbing, or places where condensation forms
  • Remove stacks of newspapers and books from floors

Fighting a silverfish infestation

  • Spray insecticide around the outside foundation of your home
  • Use homemade or store-bought traps indoors near infested areas
  • Silverfish dislike the smell of strong spices like cinnamon and cloves. Make up little packets and place them in storage areas and cabinets.
  • Silverfish also dislike the smell of cedar shavings. Sprinkle them along foundations or other outside areas that tend to get damp or wet.
  • Spray diluted lavender or citrus oil along baseboards, in drawers, or in closets to keep silverfish away
  • Replace old wallpaper
  •  Vacuum often, and use the vacuum hose regularly along areas where silverfish can hide or lay eggs

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