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How to Protect Your Dog from Pests

How to Treat a Spider Bite on Your Cat or Dog

Does one member of your family have four paws and a wet nose? Then you want to do everything you can to protect your dog from pests that might cause harm or discomfort. There are a few things you can to do keep your pooch safe and healthy:

Prevent Pests

Medicine. Use flea and tick medicine to protect your dog from dangerous pests. These treatments are required periodically, so put it on your calendar or set a reminder in your phone to help you easily remember when it’s time for another dose.

Clean up your yard. Leaf piles, broken plant pots, and old outdoor furniture are all places where fleas can hide and lay eggs.

Keep it clean. Fleas like moist, shady environments, so frequent mowing, pruning, and weeding let your lawn get more sunlight.

Give your yard a soak. Flooding your yard will drown flea larvae and eggs and help protect your dog from those pesky pests.


Get in the habit of combing through your dog’s fur right after adventures through the woods, and look for ticks and other bugs. Set aside a designated time weekly when you purposefully check all over his body—including his paws, ears, and tail, where bugs tend to go unnoticed.

Know The Signs and Seek Help

Be aware of the physical and behavioral signs of a pest on your pooch, including:

  • A small bump
  • A fever
  • Head shaking
  • Scabs

Even if you do everything you can to keep pests away from your pet, take your pooch to the vet straight away if something doesn’t seem right.

Call Us to Help Protect Your Dog from Pests

Because ridding your yard of fleas and other insects is a difficult and time-consuming process, it may be best to call in a trained specialist. If you have a flea or pest problem or wish to prevent one, call Green Pest Solutions at 855-312-7157 and let us protect your dog from bugs in your yard.

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