Rats vs. Mice: Which Rodent Is in Your Home?

Do Mice Carry Fleas?

If you saw a mouse or rat scurrying through your home, you would easily be able to identify the rodent by sight. However, they both tend to be good hiders, so you’re likely to see signs of them before you actually see one. Lucky for you, rats and mice have different habits that can help you identify who the culprit is.


House mice are small rodents, generally only a few inches long, and light brown to black in color.

Nest: You’ll find mice nests in warm areas like burrowed into wall insulation. They tend to nest close to their food source, so they generally stick within a 30-foot radius.

Droppings: Mouse droppings are small (smaller than rats’) and are about 1/4″. They leave plenty of poop behind, and the ends are pointed rather than rounded like other rodents.

Habits: Mice are small and fast, and generally fearful of humans, so you’re not likely to see them.

Other Signs: You might find small holes in your belongings, especially human or pet food.


Norway rats, common home invaders, are about one foot long with grey, brown, or black fur.

Nest: They commonly make their nests in the lower parts of buildings and will generally stay within about 100′ radius of their nest.

Droppings: Rat droppings are larger than those of mice, ½” to ¾” with blunted rather than pointed ends.

Habits: Rats are large, clever, brave, and dirty compared to mice. They’re considered clever because they are adept at steering clear of traps and brave because they’re less fearful of you.

Other Signs: Rats leave greasy trails where they walk. You might also smell a remarkably unpleasant, musty odor when they travel in packs.

No Matter the Rodent, We Have the Solution.

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