Stink Bug Prevention Tips – How to Prevent Stink Bug Invasions

Stink Bugs: They're Baaaack!

Stink bugs often enter Pennsylvania homes seeking warmth during the colder months. They may also accidentally find your way outside of your home while flying towards a light or hopping on your pet. Once they enter your home it can be difficult to avoid the odor, because these insects release odor when they’re afraid and your home can be a frightening place.

That’s why prevention is important. The more you can prevent stink bugs from entering your home, the less you’ll have to worry about them inside of it.

Tips for Stink Bug Prevention

Of course, preventing stink bugs isn’t always a simple task. Many enter your home while you open the doors or windows, or find a way to sneak in cracks. Luckily there are some tools that you can use to keep these pests away.

It all starts with sealing up entrance areas. Stink bug exclusion is an important part of the prevention process. Insects can fit through even the smallest of cracks, and if there are any cracks around your home these bugs will find them. Look around your home for any open spaces in windows, doors frames, walls, and more, and do your best to seal each one up.

Stink Bugs: They're Baaaack!

Stink Bugs: They’re Baaaack!

Stink Bug Smell Warning

The scent released by stink bugs is actually a deterrent to other stink bugs in the area. Stink bugs

release this scent when they’re in danger, and it warns other stink bugs that danger is around. So an effective strategy is to squish a few stink bugs around your home so that they release the odor outdoors and warn other insects to stay away.

Dryer Sheets and Replacement Scents

Another easy method is to rub scented dryer sheets along doors and windows. Some believe this is an urban myth, but a study at Kansas State University did find that strong scented dryer sheets appeared to have a significant impact on insect invasions. Scents do not last long, however, so you may need to reapply often.

Avoid Outdoor Lighting

Stink Bug

Stink Bug

Finally, you may also want to avoid outdoor lighting that could attract these insects to your home. Like many other insects, stink bugs are attracted to light, and that means that they may swarm towards your home when you keep the porch light on. Even if you’ve sealed the door completely, it may be a good idea to turn off the outdoor light before you leave your house to make sure that all of the insects that have been nearby fly away.

Preventing Stink Bugs This Fall

All of these methods are known to help homeowners prevent the number of stinkbugs that enter throughout the year. But while you could do this on your end, the best way to help eliminate stinkbugs is to have quarterly home pest control treatments from Green Pest Solutions.

If you’re in the Pennsylvania tri-state area and need help with your stinkbug problem, give us a call today. We’re happy to provide up to $50 off of your first stink bug treatment. Contact us today to find out more.